Julian Cope Archive

Julian Cope's 'Fried' truck addresses a standing stone

Julian Cope Archive is open! Here’s your chance to window-shop or even buy some of the Archdrude’s most fascinating historical artefacts. His 40 years in the public eye as musician, author and toy collector has yielded far too many cultural and research materials to keep all of it under one roof. Therefore, now comes the time to make available many of Cope’s musical instruments, non-fiction books from his research library, and selections from his personal record collection. Also look out for many Cope-related promotional items, artwork, even clothes from his many videos, stage shows and photo sessions. This overstuffed Archive is so bulging that Head Heritage is also obliged to reduce its stash of obsolete Cope CDs, t-shirts and books. Don’t expect one single avalanche: Julian Cope Archive will be an ongoing affair, so do please keep an eye on this singular Cultural Event.