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Julian Cope

Black Sheep (Cope’s Notes #4)

Black Sheep (Cope’s Notes #4)

48-page booklet w/CD
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Hey Kiddies, here’s a peach for you – Cope’s Notes 4: The Black Sheep. And what a sumptuous package this one is…

Dig deep into the 48-page booklet with Cope’s extensive memoir of his 2008 Black Sheep album and the early Black Sheep period: fascinating stories, theories, and a coalescing of decades of radical thought (including Reading and Listening lists). Feast your eyes on the umpteen colour photos of the Archdrude’s revolutionary art: chairs, milk churns, marching bass drums. And wrap your ears around the 40-plus-minutes of the accompanying CD: beautiful unreleased songs, alternative versions, intriguing demos – hell, this sounds like a brand new album!

  1. My Heathen Revolution
  2. Free the Jews
  3. All the Blowing-Themselves-Up-Motherfuckers
  4. Song of Mam Tor
  5. Cromwell in Ireland
  6. Mother, Where is My Father?
  7. The Everlasting No
  8. I Wanna Know What's in it For Me
  9. At Home He Feels Like a Tourist
  10. It's Too Late to Turn Back Now (Dub)
  11. The Death of Monotheism
  12. Preaching Revolution (Radio Ad)
  13. John Brown's Body (Part One)
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