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Julian Cope

Jehovahkill (Cope's Notes #6)

Jehovahkill (Cope's Notes #6)

48-page booklet w/CD
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The 6th instalment of Cope’s Notes delves deep into the Archdrude’s most notorious album: JEHOVAHKILL.

Recorded immediately after the highly successful Peggy Suicide double LP and long world tour, Cope and his musicians entered the studio eager to replicate their new live sound. During that tour, they had shed their obsession with on-the-one funk in favour of the stentorian motorbeats of Krautrock. Find out how it all went down in Cope’s 6000-plus-word essay, scrutinise the enchanting 4-page pull-out of JEHOVAHKILL’S heroes, then grab your headphones for the CD’s 40-plus minutes of rare demos, versions and unreleased music. 

This beautifully designed 48-page booklet also includes handwritten lyrics and rare photos.

  1. Rites
  2. London Underground
  3. Ocean Eyes
  4. Poet is Priest, A Number of Numbers
  5. Fa-Fa-Fa-Fine
  6. Peggy Suicide is a Jung'kie
  7. Gimme Back My Flag
  8. Dig Deep Travel
  9. Sunworshipper
  10. The Alienation of the City Dweller
  11. Song For Tommy Hall 
  12. Albany
  13. Upwards at 45 Degrees
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