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Julian Cope

John Balance Enters Valhalla

John Balance Enters Valhalla

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Across 5 mesmerizing rhythm-laden tracks, Julian Cope brings us his masterful upbeat tribute to the late John Balance, Coil’s Visionary Voice. All of the tracks instrumental, save for the vocal opener ‘Sandoz’, these hefty grooves shimmer and shake as Cope guides us through the various stages of the artist’s journey into legendary Valhalla. Clad in a spectacular 13-Moon Calendar illustrated by the Archdrude himself, this CD is an emotional and extraordinary Musical Tribute to a Visionary Artist.

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  1. Sandoz
  2. Positive Drug Test
  3. John Balance Enters Valhalla
  4. John Valour
  5. Geoff, Voller Tapferkeit, Aber Leer Von Magen, Betritt Die Grosse Küche Der Unterwelt Odin
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