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Julian Cope

The Modern Antiquarian (Cope’s Notes #5)

The Modern Antiquarian (Cope’s Notes #5)

48-page booklet w/CD
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25 years ago in the autumn of ’98, The Modern Antiquarian was unleashed. A book of rocks? A book of remote heaps? Yes, for some perhaps – but for many it was a life-changer.

Cope’s Notes 5 explains the precise impulses that sent the Archdrude off life’s urban highways into the nether regions of Ye Olde UK, and how he extricated himself from the Music Biz long enough to bring forth this monster tome.

Devour the 6,000-word memoir and rare photos of the 48-page booklet while you spin the accompanying 40-minute CD: a dozen all-new songs and enchanting theatre pieces – catchy bastards every one of them. A garage song about the Ridgeway? You betcha. A snotty NY strut about Neolithic bull castration? Never off my turntable.

Score this special 25th-anniversary package – Re-Live that feeling of wonder and discovery right here upon our own jaded islands!

  1. I Want to Talk About Stone Circles
  2. A Trader at Delling
  3. Rothiemay
  4. An Inventory of Megaliths
  5. A Trial at Stenness and Brodgar
  6. How Chor Gawr Became Stonehenge
  7. Windmill Hill Culture
  8. The Painted Youths of Cothiemuir Wood…
  9. Raised from the Inundation at Seahenge: Arminghall
  10. 3rd Highlands & Islands Tour
  11. Upon Waden Hill 2073: A Spectral Society of Antiquaries
  12. Avebury Eclipsed
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