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Julian Cope

The Teardrop Explodes (Cope’s Notes #1)

The Teardrop Explodes (Cope’s Notes #1)

48-page booklet w/CD
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Ho Ho Ho – here’s the feel-good festive Yuletide gift for this or any season!

Cuddle up to a malt whiskey and a spliff with this lavish multi-media package! Pore over the 48-page booklet of previously unpublished hand-written lyrics, poems, notes and photographs. And while you’re at it, dream along to the 42-minute accompanying CD of Cope’s recitations and poems of the 1978-82 era, each performed over lost Teardrop Explodes grooves of the strident bubblegum trance variety.

Thirteen epic (and not-so-epic) memories – published and unpublished from the Head-On period – this singular package brings to life the inner world of a group that refuses to die but will never reunite.

  1. Accept My Reward
  2. Bouncing Babies Dub
  3. East of the Equator ‘81
  4. Poppies in the Field (Super-90)
  5. The Love Call of J. Wentworth Crazy
  6. Another Kwalo Klobinsky
  7. Screaming Secrets (Original)
  8. Pre-Teardrop Medley
  9. It's Just Like Sleeping Gas
  10. Kwalo Klobinsky Demo
  11. The Tingletangle Maiden
  12. This Falklands War 1982
  13. Leila Khaled (Super-89)
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