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Julian Cope

Trip Advizer EP

Trip Advizer EP

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So you bought all those Cope albums and now the Drude is asking you to buy those same songs again? No! Here is the Trip Advizer companion E.P., a 14-minute-long download-only opportunity to score those two non-album tracks – 'Julian In The Underworld' and the re-recorded 'Psychedelic Revolution', plus a lovely melancholy brand new and previously unavailable song ('The Everlasting No') with a Thomas Carlyle-inspired title as a super cultic extra. Not expensive and clad in a fine piece of the Archdrude's own antiquarian artwork. Score or not – Whaddya think?

NB Everybody shelling out on either format of the full album gets the codes for this beastie gratis. Right On!

  1. Julian in the Underworld
  2. Psychedelic Revolution
  3. The Everlasting No (Version)
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