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Julian Cope

World Shut Your Mouth (Cope’s Notes #3)

World Shut Your Mouth (Cope’s Notes #3)

38-page booklet w/CD
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Brand new for Autumn 2022, here’s Cope’s Notes Number #3. This World Shut Your Mouth package explores that foggy hinterland between Head-On and Repossessed, that knuckle-joint netherworld in which Cope – removed from Liverpool – finds himself back in his boyhood hometown of Tamworth eager to begin a solo career but unsure how to proceed.

Sink into Cope’s 4500-word account of “The World Shut Your Mouth Story”, while wrapping your earlobes around the fascinating accompanying 35-minute CD chock-full of demos, spoken word, and previously unheard music. The 38-page booklet also includes previously unpublished handwritten lyrics, poems and photographs.


One of the few instances where visionary indolence has reaped career benefits.

  1. A Safe House of Sorts
  2. Strasbourg
  3. An Elegant Chaos
  4. The Days Were Gradually Worn Down/Mad Clothes
  5. Quizmaster
  6. The Sunshine Playroom Story
  7. Kolly Kibber’s Birthday
  8. Slow Strasbourg
  9. Metaphysical Images/Pumphouse Girl
  10. The Greatness and Perfection of Love
  11. Hobby/Ned Kelly Dawn/Kings of Beasts
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